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Projects Awaiting Funding

  • Mirror this wiki: If you are interested in mirroring The Final Theory of Chess Wiki, please contact and/or phillidorpress@gmail.comwith "Mirror" in the subject line.
  • SolvingChess@home: The next step will be to develop a SETI-like distributed computing application (e.g. BOINC, Chessbrain), tailored specifically to the needs of this wiki project, whereby participants can donate the unused CPU cycles of their personal computers to analyzing chess variations.
  • Busted Book Openings: One function that we envision the OECO performing is that of a consumer watchdog over the traditional chess publishing industry. Computer analysis often reveals improvements or outright refutations of opening variations promoted by chess books. Of course, computer analysis also frequently verifies the soundness of book variations. Donate today and support the creation of an unbiased third party which will be dedicated to verifying the soundness of published chess theory.

Click here to support the OECO in general or any sub-project in particular.

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