Initial Position ANALYSIS

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Additional Analysis of the Position

Image:chess zhor 26.png
Image:chess zver 26.png a8 rd b8 nd c8 bd d8 qd e8 kd f8 bd g8 nd h8 rd Image:chess zver 26.png
a7 pd b7 pd c7 pd d7 pd e7 pd f7 pd g7 pd h7 pd
a6 b6 c6 d6 e6 f6 g6 h6
a5 b5 c5 d5 e5 f5 g5 h5
a4 b4 c4 d4 e4 f4 g4 h4
a3 b3 c3 d3 e3 f3 g3 h3
a2 pl b2 pl c2 pl d2 pl e2 pl f2 pl g2 pl h2 pl
a1 rl b1 nl c1 bl d1 ql e1 kl f1 bl g1 nl h1 rl
Image:chess zhor 26.png
The Initial Position

Initial Position A deep analysis tends to confirm that the best move for White really is 1.d4.

Computer:Houdini 1.5a x64

Depth: (32/79)

Number of positions analysed: 422,259,778,146 2,139,000

Score: +=(0.23)

Line: d2-d4 Ng8-f6 Ng1-f3 e7-e6 c2-c4 b7-b6 g2-g3 Bc8-b7 Bf1-g2 Bf8-b4+ Bc1-d2 Bb4xd2+ Qd1xd2 O-O O-O d7-d6 Nb1-c3 Nb8-d7 Qd2-d3 Qd8-e7 Ra1-c1 a7-a6

Score: +=(0.22)

Line: Ng1-f3 e7-e6 c2-c4 c7-c5 g2-g3 d7-d5 c4xd5 e6xd5 d2-d4 Ng8-f6 Bf1-g2 Nb8-c6 O-O Bf8-e7 Nb1-c3 O-O d4xc5 Be7xc5 Bc1-g5 d5-d4 Bg5xf6 Qd8xf6 Nc3-e4 Qf6-e7 Ne4xc5 Qe7xc5

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