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Final Theory of Chess / Open Encyclopedia of Chess Openings related:

Open Encyclopedia of Chess Openings Blog
Tiger and Dragon Chess System

General Chess Links:

Chess Archaeology
Encyclopaedia of Chess Openings Classification Code Index
Also see this 81 page list of chess openings categorized according to ECO code.
Chessville - by chessplayers, for chessplayers!
Essential Links (chess)
Internet Chess Club - Serious chess. Serious fun! - A Great Correspondence Chess Site
The Chess Set Blog - on the complicated subject of chess sets

Computer Chess Links:

CCRL - Computer Chess Rating List, Pure List
Computer Chess Blog
Louis Kessler's Chess and Computer Chess Links
Open Encyclopedia of Chess Openings blog
Shane's Chess Information Database: A Free Chess Database App
Chess Engines (free / open source)
Stockfish & Droidfish
Nalimov Endgame Tablebases
Web Query for Nalimov Endgame Tablebases
Endgame Nalimov Tablebases Online @ ChessOK
Source code & Programming
HAL PGN to Wikitext
Micro-Max, a 133-line Chess Source

Chess Openings:

Chess: Encyclopedia of Practical Gambits
Blackmar-Diemer Gambit Links:
Eric le Diemerophile (French)
Gambit Blackmar-Diemer (French)
Le Gambit Blackmar-Diemer (French)
New Blackmar-Diemer Book (French)
Tom Purser's BDG Pages
Chess Databases
ChessBase Online Database
ChessLab by
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